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Today, channels of communications are faster, ubiquitous and varied. Media Studies is about appreciating the skill and creativity which goes into the production of texts for communicating, be it face to face or through media.

This is a discipline that successfully weds traditional forms of communication and other allied social sciences with contemporary critical and cultural studies theory to analyze and assess the role and impact of communications and media in contemporary society.Just as analyzing different techniques used in the creation of a literary work helps the student to appreciate the talent of the writer, similarly learning about communication and media techniques helps the student appreciate the values, the skill with words and pictures that the creators of a text must possess.

Students learn to analyze the communicative techniques and media, to consider the impact of these on publics and policies, as well as the impact of publics and policies on the media.

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Documentary Fillm Festival- 2011
Media Meet

Festival Details

Documentary Fillm Festival- 2011
Photographs of the inauguration ceremony of "Voices from the Waters"- an International Documentary Film Festival.

Date- August 25, 2011

Venue- PU Quadrangle

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