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    Head of the Department,
    Dept. of Biotechnology Christ University,
    Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560029,
    Karnataka, India
    Phone: +91 80.4012.9100, +91.80.4012.9012 (IVRS)


    Biotechnology is a applied science which has an impact on a number of sectors and disciplines. These include scientific, industrial, health, agriculture, pharmaceuticals etc. This is a scientific discipline which aims at applying various techniques for the betterment of mankind. This includes genetic engineering, tissue culture, microbial technology, environmental biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, bioinformatics and so on. The ultimate objective of biotechnology is to improve the quality of life without much interference with the ecological balance.


    The Bachelor of Science courses with Biotechnology, Chemistry, Zoology/Botany as the combinations at Christ University aim at developing young talent for the biotechnology industry and builds in them other strengths such that they are able to venture into allied fields too. The aim of this course is to provide “a cut above the rest” man-power to the ever growing demands of the industry. The interactive method of teaching at Christ University is to bring about attitudinal changes to future professionals of the industry. The infrastructural capabilities of the department can support a class strength of 60 students. Equal importance is given both to practical and theoretical methods of learning. Apart from the syllabus, the University emphasizes on Value Addition Programs like Current Affairs, Holistic Education, Certificate Courses and Placement Training Programs, which include training students in group discussions, facing interviews and so on.

    Courses Offered

        Undergraduate Programmes
      Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biotechnology,Chemistry, Botany (BCB)
      Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biotechnology,Chemistry,Zoology (BCZ)

        Certificate Courses in Odd Semester
      Diagnostic Biology
      Introduction to Food Technology

        Certificate Courses in Even Semester
      Advanced biotechnology
      Sustainable Environmental Management

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